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Wiktoria over 1 year ago
Good enough. Better than most disney sequels
Kakra over 6 years ago
Lino Monteiro almost 7 years ago
Poor animation and practically nonexistent storyline. Enjoyable for kids though.
Dylan Clites almost 7 years ago
I don't really love the first one, so I second one just drove me bananas. Uninspired.
Car over 1 year ago
Lauren Armstrong over 1 year ago
Ave over 1 year ago
Norppa over 1 year ago
Jessica Gross over 1 year ago
Alisha Henricksen almost 2 years ago
Jonathan Casey Spencer almost 2 years ago
Nathaniel Spencer almost 2 years ago
Sandra Padilla almost 2 years ago
Yalini 2 years ago
Emily Heckman 2 years ago
Deanna Colt almost 3 years ago
Madison Hays 3 years ago
Zoe Nocturne 3 years ago
noemi gutierrez over 3 years ago
Alex Wilkinson over 3 years ago
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True is the first direct-to-video sequel to the 1950 Disney film Cinderella. It was made in 2001 and released on February 26, 2002. It was followed by Cinderella III: A Twist in Time in 2007. It consists of three segments featuring Cinderella planning a party, Jaq the mouse being turned into a human and living as Cinderella's page boy, and one of Cinderella's brutal stepsisters (Anastasia, the redheaded one in a pink dress) reaching her redemption through falling in love with a young baker, a low-class man of whom Lady Tremaine and Drizella do not approve. Estimated to cost $5,000,000 to produce, Cinderella II: Dreams Come True was Walt Disney Pictures' top selling animated sequel that year, grossing approximately $120,000,000 in direct-to-video sales, but the film itself was met with a mainly mixed to negative response from fans and critics alike. In a castle, Cinderella's mice friends Gus and Jaq race to a chamber where the Fairy Godmother is reading the...
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