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VintageFemme 3 years ago
If you're sick of tragic lesbians and want a happy gay romantic comedy, watch this!
Belen Marenales almost 7 years ago
It's real, sweet, and true story.
Katie Crane over 7 years ago
Fun, cute, and light hearted. The characters connections never feel forced to me. I own it
Patricia 6 months ago
Tinnuel 4 years ago
Amber-Lynn over 5 years ago
Lucy Avramova over 5 years ago
Paola A. over 6 years ago
Tiziana Ibba almost 7 years ago
Charlton Lam over 7 years ago
Diana Quispe over 7 years ago
Emily over 7 years ago
Imagine Me & You is a 2005 British-American comedy-romance film written and directed by Ol Parker. It centres on the relationship between Rachel, played by Piper Perabo and Luce, played by Lena Headey, who meet on Rachel's wedding day. The movie takes its title from a line in the song "Happy Together". Writer/director Ol Parker reveals on the DVD audio commentary that the movie was originally titled Click, after the French term for love at first sight, but conflicts with the Adam Sandler film of the same name necessitated the name change. The film opens on Rachel (Piper Perabo) and Hector's (Matthew Goode) wedding day in North London, England. Rachel's bossy mother Tess (Celia Imrie) and dazed dad Ned (Anthony Head) are introduced. Luce, (Lena Headey) who manages a flower shop, is the wedding florist. She also makes fast friends with Rachel's younger sister, Henrietta (nicknamed "H" because, according to Henrietta, her mother exclaimed "Jesus H. Christ!" upon discovering she was...
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