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Charlie Alcock over 2 years ago
Extremely likeable.
BruceM almost 3 years ago
Love this film - querky and interesting with a bit of fantasy thrown in
Rakesh M 4 years ago
Intimidating and Thrilling A new concept explored.
Leif Jacobson almost 5 years ago
Funny, unique, and fairly clever. Plus Will Ferrell being more than just Will Ferrell.
Nelson Martins almost 7 years ago
One of the best movies arguments i ever seen
Devin Bruce almost 7 years ago
There's so much going on in this movie. Most of it good. A sentimental favourite.
Griffin Maurer almost 7 years ago
Though humorous and lighthearted, the unique premise is never fully explored. It's okay.
Jason Smith almost 7 years ago
Loved it, seems a bit like the film was written with Jim Carrey in mind though
Derek Cutlip almost 7 years ago
Very unorthodox for Farrell, but a good message. I enjoyed it.
Jonathan Evans 7 years ago
I'd go the whole wide world, I'd go the whole wide world just to find you! Go Mr Watch!
Henke 7 years ago
Ferrel proves he can do a more serious role
Nate McBean 7 years ago
Kinda reminds me of truman show... (5/2/2010)
heidijane over 7 years ago
Will Ferrell always surprises.
Todor Mollov over 7 years ago
Feel bits from Fighting club and Truman's show. And something very humane like Chocolate
emilio murillo over 7 years ago
Simple story with a well built metacinematic plot. Somewhat davidfincheresque directing.
Ken Miguel-Cipriano almost 8 years ago
In a slump? Watch and enjoy.
OmarQadanأبو البِشْر almost 8 years ago
innovative plot
Michelle Huang 8 years ago
I really liked this movie by Will Ferrell. The concept is great.
Dylan Clites 8 years ago
Very interesting concept and a fantastic performance by Ferrell. More serious than normal.
Jesse Smith 8 years ago
Great concept and execution. Ferrell is at his best in a mostly-serious role.
One morning, a seemingly average and generally solitary IRS agent named Harold Crick begins to hear a female voice narrating his every action, thought and feeling in alarmingly precise detail.  Harold’s carefully controlled life is turned upside down by this narration only he can hear, and when the voice declares that Harold Crick is facing imminent death, he realizes he must find out who is writing his story and persuade her to change the ending. The voice in Harold’s head turns out to be the once celebrated, but now nearly forgotten, novelist Karen "Kay" Eiffel (Emma Thompson), who is struggling to find an ending for what might be her best book. Her only remaining challenge is to figure out a way to kill her main character, but little does she know that Harold Crick is alive and well and inexplicably aware of her words and her plans for him. To make matters worse, Kay’s publisher has dispatched a hard-nosed "assistant," Penny Escher (Queen Latifah), to force Kay to finish her...
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