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Tom o'brien over 5 years ago
Victoria Roe over 5 years ago
Megan Yates over 6 years ago
Cindy Featherbottom almost 7 years ago
Lachie Munro 8 years ago
The Wind in the Willows, released on video in the U.S. as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, is a 1996 adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's classic novel The Wind in the Willows (which shows the ever changing world of the British countryside through the eyes of animals), although it differs substantially from the novel. It was also notable in that it starred John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin (all of whom were previous Monty Python members). Mole's underground home is knocked in when the field is bulldozed by Weasels; the field has been owned by Mr. Toad (Terry Jones), who has sold it to finance his latest fad; caravanning. Mole (Steve Coogan) flees to the river and meets the Water Rat (Eric Idle), who is getting ready to embark on a picnic. Seeing Mole's distress, Rat decides to take Mole to see Mr. Toad. Toad encourages them to travel with him on the Open Road, in his newly bought canary-coloured cart. Disaster strikes when a pair of joyriders in a motor car knock over the cart....
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