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Yalini 10 months ago
"One of your own kind" wow very cool and different.
Jacqueline O 1 year ago
Wholesome and sweet. Penelope was a lovable character with or without the snout
Johnny Nys 3 years ago
Sweet movie. Funny and charming. Christina Ricci is adorable with or without a snout.
Claire Pom over 4 years ago
Endearing universe. Touching characters. Very cute story. Different from the others.
Randi Steers 6 years ago
A film about the power of inner dialogue & the importance of self love. Whimsical and fun.
Kakra over 6 years ago
Kelly almost 7 years ago
If you're babysitting an awkward shut-in, put this on the teli to make her feel better.
maddie 8 months ago
N B 9 months ago
Norppa over 1 year ago
Lindsay Scholtes over 1 year ago
Alisha Henricksen almost 2 years ago
Missy Byer almost 2 years ago
Courtney Bess almost 2 years ago
Susan Howlett Beckstrand almost 2 years ago
Bethany Foster almost 2 years ago
Alejandra Thomas over 2 years ago
Kaell Steers 3 years ago
Penelope is a 2006 fantasy/romantic comedy film directed by Mark Palansky which was first released in 2006 as a premiere. It stars Christina Ricci, James McAvoy and Reese Witherspoon. The movie Penelope follows a young woman who learns to be happy with who she is, regardless of her looks or who approves of her. Penelope Wilhern is a young woman from a wealthy family with all the qualities to make an excellent match for any other well-bred man of her status. However, what sets her apart is that she has the nose and ears of a pig. Generations ago, an embittered witch placed a curse on the Wilhern family because their son had impregnated her daughter, one of their servants. The son sought to marry her, but his family talked him out of it and married him off to another. The witch's daughter, overwrought, threw herself off a cliff. The witch cursed the Wilherns so that the next girl born into the clan would have the aspect of a pig. For five generations, only sons were born into the family...
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