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Issac Spicer 6 months ago
A film of high adventure and intrigue complete with threat of sequel.
Robert Postill over 4 years ago
Age has not been kind to this...
Bjørnar Morønning over 4 years ago
I can imagine how terrifying this must be for stoners. Funny bad!
Austin over 4 years ago
So goddamn boring...
pessimist almost 5 years ago
Amazing how a 1982 adventure-fantasy movie manages better diversity than modern Hollywood.
Davis Keck almost 5 years ago
Linden 6 years ago
Awful, but in a so-bad-it's-funny kind of way.
Don Lathrop 4 months ago
Michelle Roussell over 1 year ago
Sini Stenbacka over 1 year ago
Guido Petri almost 2 years ago
Matthew Ernst almost 2 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis almost 2 years ago
Anteater 2 years ago
Iulia M 2 years ago
Sean LaFleur over 2 years ago
cyrax36 over 2 years ago
Dan almost 3 years ago
andre bernier over 3 years ago
Conan the Barbarian is a 1982 fantasy film. It is based on the stories by Robert E. Howard, a pulp fiction writer of the 1930s, about the adventures of the eponymous character in a fictional pre-historic world of dark magic and savagery. The film adaptation was written and directed by John Milius, and produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis and Buzz Feitshans. Basil Poledouris provided the music. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and tells the story of a young barbarian who seeks vengeance for the death of his parents. The target of his hatred is Thulsa Doom, the leader of a snake cult. Ideas for a film about Conan were proposed as early as 1970. A concerted effort by Edward R. Pressman and Edward Summer to produce the film started in 1975. It took them two years to obtain the film rights, after which they recruited Schwarzenegger for the lead role and Oliver Stone to draft a script. Pressman lacked capital for the endeavor, and in 1979, after having his proposals for investments...
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