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Nighter over 5 years ago
Realistic, good characters.
Marlene 3 months ago
Ana C.M. 1 year ago
cyrax36 1 year ago
Sandra Padilla over 1 year ago
Dan 2 years ago
james stevenson over 2 years ago
Rory Banks over 4 years ago
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Mary Hospedales over 4 years ago
Devon Worrell over 5 years ago
André Assunção almost 6 years ago
Bogi Poulsen almost 6 years ago
Rob Ryan 6 years ago
David Eriksson over 6 years ago
Andreas Peter over 6 years ago
Nino Vignjevic over 6 years ago
Bjarke Kongstad over 6 years ago
Blanca Aurora M. E over 6 years ago
Gabriel Masliah almost 7 years ago
Flight of the Phoenix is a 2004 remake of a 1965 film, both based on the 1964 novel The Flight of the Phoenix, by Elleston Trevor, about a group of people who survive a plane crash in the Gobi Desert and must build a new plane out of the old one to escape. The film stars Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Hugh Laurie, Miranda Otto, and Giovanni Ribisi. It opened in the US on December 17, and received mixed reviews. When an Amacor oil rig in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia proves unproductive, Captain Frank Towns (Quaid) and co-pilot A.J. (Gibson) are sent to shut the operation down. However, on their way to Beijing, a major dust storm rips apart one of their engines, forcing them to crash land their C-119 Flying Boxcar in an uncharted area of the desert. Their cargo consists of used parts and tools from the rig, the rig's crew, and Elliot (Ribisi), a lone drifter. The crash results in three people dying. When the storm ends and the dust settles, it becomes apparent that they are 200 miles off...
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