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Taylor Reginald Wright almost 8 years ago
Almost as fun and not as raunchy as its predecessor. There is more emphasis on politics.
Christopher Heston over 6 years ago
Jorge Sarabia almost 8 years ago
Josh Wiljanen over 8 years ago
Daniel Lanciana over 8 years ago
The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat is a 1974 animated film directed by Robert Taylor. It is an adult animation featuring a series of drug-induced vignettes both related and unrelated to life in the 1970s. Starring Skip Hinnant as the voice of the titular feline protagonist, the film is a sequel to Fritz the Cat, the first animated film to receive an X rating in the United States. Unlike its predecessor, Nine Lives received an R rating. It was not as well-received by critics and audiences. The film was entered into the 1974 Cannes Film Festival. It is the 1970s; Fritz the Cat is now married, on welfare, and has a child named Ralphie, who casually masturbates. As his wife screams at him for being an irresponsible father and husband, Fritz sits on the couch, staring off into space, smoking a joint. Tired of listening to his wife nag at him, he fades off into his own little world, imagining what life would be like for him if things were different. The first character he meets on his stoned...
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