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Lucy Avramova 6 years ago
august almost 7 years ago
Cem Temir over 7 years ago
Ramon Marc almost 8 years ago
Lara Pastelle almost 8 years ago
Barfuss is a film by German actor and director Til Schweiger released in 2005. It is a romantic comedy and tells the story of Nick (Til Schweiger), a hedonistic bachelor, who falls for Leila, an escaped mental patient, portrayed by Johanna Wokalek. Til Schweiger was also involved in the writing of the screenplay. The life of Nick Keller can hardly be called well sorted. He stumbles from one temporary employment to the next and he has very serious problems with Heinrich, his rich and influential stepfather, as well as with his brother Viktor. Nick’s latest temporary job is as a cleaner in a psychiatric clinic, where he prevents the notorious barefooted patient Leila from committing suicide. Leila’s story is also complex. The first nineteen years of her life she had been confined at home by her mother. She has been hospitalized into the clinic after the death of her mother, but is desperate to leave. However mentally Leila is still a child, for example, everything that she is told she...
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