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Michael Cole over 3 years ago
Debbie Reynolds did a better job than Julia Roberts
Justin L. Clemons almost 6 years ago
Babe with a spider...
cosan almost 7 years ago
cute pig, nothing else
Hannah Proctor over 7 years ago
Not as good as the original cartoon, but decent overall.
Wilma Monaghan 10 months ago
N B over 1 year ago
maddie over 1 year ago
Lauren Armstrong almost 2 years ago
Miranda Wright over 2 years ago
Ashley almost 4 years ago
Madison Hays almost 4 years ago
noemi gutierrez almost 4 years ago
Cait 4 years ago
Lisa Witberg over 4 years ago
Nikki Elvery 5 years ago
Veja Kairos over 5 years ago
Laura Vastenavont over 5 years ago
Rachel Finston over 5 years ago
Sanne Duboisdenevele over 5 years ago
Charlotte's Web is a 2006 American live-action/computer-animated feature film, based on the popular book of the same name by E. B. White. It is directed by Gary Winick and produced by Paramount Pictures, Walden Media, The K Entertainment Company, and Nickelodeon Movies. The screenplay is by Susannah Grant and Karey Kirkpatrick, based on White's book. It is the second film adaptation of White's book, preceded by a 1973 cel-animated version produced by Hanna-Barbera for Paramount Pictures. It was distributed in Switzerland, Spain, and Netherlands by Universal Pictures. One spring, on a farm in Maine, Fern Arable (Dakota Fanning) learns that her father plans to kill the runt of a litter of newborn pigs. She successfully begs him to spare its life. He gives it to her, who names him Wilbur and raises him as her pet. To her regret, when he grows into an adult pig, she is forced to take him to the Zuckerman farm, where he is to be prepared as dinner in due time. Charlotte (Julia Roberts), a...
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