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Metro is a 1997 action/suspense film directed by Thomas Carter and starring Eddie Murphy and Michael Wincott. Murphy plays a hostage negotiator in San Francisco. He seeks revenge when his best friend is murdered by an escaped jewel-thief (Wincott). Scott Roper (Eddie Murphy) is the best hostage negotiator in San Francisco. His girlfriend Veronica "Ronnie" Tate (Carmen Ejogo) is a newspaper reporter. Scott and Veronica have a dog named Troy. While listening to a horse race on his car stereo, Scott is called downtown where a man named Earl (Donal Logue) is holding 17 hostages in a bank. Scott rescues the hostages by (non-fatally) shooting Earl. Scott is then assigned a partner -- sharpshooter Kevin McCall (Michael Rapaport). That night, Scott takes his friend, Lieutenant Sam Baffert (Art Evans), to see a man named Michael Korda (Michael Wincott). Scott waits downstairs while Sam is in Korda's apartment. Sam asks Korda about a man who deals in stolen jewellery, because Sam suspects that...
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