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Henke over 5 years ago
Great movie with a perfect story
Don Lathrop 1 month ago
Sini Stenbacka over 1 year ago
Luis Uribe almost 3 years ago
Siona Cameron over 3 years ago
Matthew Bettencourt over 3 years ago
Daniel Jones over 4 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 5 years ago
Sean Jackson almost 6 years ago
Kendra Miller almost 6 years ago
Nathan Gordon 6 years ago
John Wiens 6 years ago
Zer0 Squared 6 years ago
Scott Baker over 6 years ago
Dylan Egan almost 7 years ago
Nathan T. 7 years ago
The Man Who Knew Too Little is a 1997 American comedy espionage film starring Bill Murray, directed by Jon Amiel, and written by Robert Farrar and Howard Franklin. The film is based on Farrar's novel Watch that Man, and the title is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's 1934 film The Man Who Knew Too Much and its 1956 remake of the same title. Wallace Ritchie (Murray) flies from Des Moines, Iowa to England to spend his birthday with his brother, James (Peter Gallagher), the same evening James is to hold a business dinner. Though James is all too happy to spend time with Wally, his presence threatens to sour the evening, and so James sets Wallace up with an interactive improv theatre business, the "Theatre of Life," which promises to treat the participant as a character in a crime drama. Before the night begins, James hands Wallace a pair of Ambassador cigars, promising to "fire them up" before midnight in celebration of Wally's birthday. Trouble begins when Wallace answers a phone call...
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