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The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, is a 1994 direct-to-video animated film directed by Roy Allen Smith, is the first of many animated sequels to the film The Land Before Time. It was released six years after the original.The tone, lighting and plot of the film was made much softer than that of the original, in order to appeal to a younger audience. After the release of this sequel, all the films in the series have been released at a rate of one film every one or two years. As the opening song of the film (Peaceful Valley) indicates, Littlefoot and company's arrival to the Great Valley is a relatively recent occurrence. The children are living happily in their new home, under their families' watchful eyes. When the gang tries to get to the sheltering grass to play, but land in the sinking sand surrounding it, the grownups come and save them and chastise them for disobeying them, then lecture them that night. Cera then tells the others that they need to prove they are...
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