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Rachelina Larasati almost 5 years ago
Jackie Chan and his buddy: funny as always! but nothing special with the plot itself.
Justin L. Clemons almost 6 years ago
They were both funny as usual but the action had to cut down. Good movie.
Edsel Dope 6 years ago
I can watch this movie 1,000 and never get tired of it!!
Abhi Roat over 6 years ago
Akanksha Dhyani over 6 years ago
I just have to come out and say it. It's nowhere NEAR as good as the first two.
Kakra 7 years ago
6/10 forgettable film
Don Lathrop 8 months ago
Michelle Roussell over 1 year ago
Mary Hospedales over 1 year ago
Justinas Jarukaitis almost 2 years ago
Flo HM 2 years ago
Dan 3 years ago
Daniel Duval 3 years ago
Deanna Colt over 3 years ago
Richard Sebastian over 3 years ago
Yasin Çidem 4 years ago
Rush Hour 3 is a 2007 martial arts/action-comedy film, and the third installment in the Rush Hour film series, starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, that began with the 1998 film Rush Hour and continued with the first sequel Rush Hour 2 in 2001. The film was officially announced on May 7, 2006, and filming began on July 4, 2006. The film is set in Paris, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Rush Hour 3 was released on August 10, 2007, in USA. A third sequel is being considered by the creators. Film director Roman Polanski co-stars as a French police official involved in Lee and Carter's (Chan and Tucker's characters) case. In her first appearance in an American film, Noémie Lenoir portrays Geneviève, a beautiful stage performer who is one of the main suspects in the case as well as Carter's love interest. Tzi Ma reprises his role as Ambassador Han, Lee's boss and friend who appeared in the first installment. Yvan Attal co-stars as George, a cab driver who becomes Lee and Carter's new sidekick...
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