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Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
just sooooo bad. kinda fun in a "so bad it's funny" way
Dominic Dirupo almost 7 years ago
I love it, but it is rubbish and getting worse every year
Michelle Roussell almost 2 years ago
cyrax36 over 2 years ago
Sridhar Amalakanti almost 3 years ago
Robert Stuart 3 years ago
John Dyer over 3 years ago
Giuseppe Mangialardi over 3 years ago
Nick Stefonich over 3 years ago
Jim Barton 4 years ago
carlos f hernandez almost 5 years ago
Al Guillermo almost 5 years ago
Ryan Boucher 5 years ago
Andrea Finocchiaro over 5 years ago
Tom o'brien over 5 years ago
Timothy Masterson over 5 years ago
Tomislav Pavicic almost 6 years ago
Angie Kaczynski almost 6 years ago
Tango & Cash is a 1989 American buddy cop film starring Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Jack Palance and Teri Hatcher. It was directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, although Albert Magnoli took over in the later stages of filming. The film describes the struggle of two rival LAPD Narcotics Detectives Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash, who are forced to work together after criminal mastermind, Yves Perret, frames them for murder. The film begins as Ray Tango drives a late-model Cadillac convertible in pursuit of a tanker truck. His hair is neatly styled and he is dressed in a three-piece suit. He cleverly stops the truck but the LA County authorities find only gasoline in the tank. Tango shoots the tank and cocaine pours out of the bullet hole. Meanwhile, Gabriel Cash arrives at his apartment driving an old Corvette. His hair is long and shaggy and he is dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and a waist-length jacket. He is shot by an intruder, but is protected by a bullet-proof vest and captures the...
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