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Tony Gandía over 5 years ago
Amusing but uneven bank heist caper with Elaine May as its brightest spot
Annalisa Schettino almost 3 years ago
Noah Rymer over 3 years ago
Kirill Slavetski almost 5 years ago
antoshka 5 years ago
Carlos 6 years ago
Marko over 6 years ago
Hanna Pietryka over 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 6 years ago
Saška Svirac over 6 years ago
EJ Strauss almost 7 years ago
Matteo Satta almost 7 years ago
bethswald almost 7 years ago
Facu Leiva-Freytes almost 7 years ago
Manu 7 years ago
Amy Elle 7 years ago
David Rose 7 years ago
Melissa Hatfield over 7 years ago
Small Time Crooks is a 2000 American crime-comedy film directed, written, and starring Woody Allen, along with Tracey Ullman and Hugh Grant. Ray (Woody Allen) and his friends want to lease an old restaurant so they can tunnel from the basement of the restaurant to a nearby bank. Frenchy (Tracey Ullman) covers what they are doing by selling cookies from the restaurant. The bank robbery scheme is a miserable failure, but after they franchise the business, selling cookies makes them millionaires. In the film's second act, Frenchy throws a big party and overhears people making fun of their decorating taste and lack of culture. She asks a man named David (Hugh Grant) to train her and Ray so they can fit in with the American upper class. Ray hates every minute of it, but Frenchy likes their new culture. What Ray and Frenchy don't know is that David is really just using Frenchy to get money for art projects he wants to do. Ray finally gets fed up and leaves Frenchy. David and Frenchy go to...
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