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Henke almost 6 years ago
the Crow meets Mad Max
Matt Campbell over 2 years ago
wavy alien almost 5 years ago
Amanda Allen over 5 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 5 years ago
jvol almost 6 years ago
Jarred GreatHeart almost 7 years ago
Jonathan Teh almost 7 years ago
Steve Tetreault almost 7 years ago
Moneet Singh almost 7 years ago
Derick Daniels almost 7 years ago
Matthew Butler over 7 years ago
The Wraith is a 1986 |action/science fiction film, directed and written by Mike Marvin. The film was later featured in an episode of Cinema Insomnia. The movie is dedicated to the memory of Bruce Ingram, a camera operator who died during the filming of one of the car chases. Packard Walsh (Nick Cassavetes) and his gang steal the cars of people they threaten into intimidation races. As a result, the entire town is scared of him, including his girlfriend Keri Johnson (Sherilyn Fenn), whom he sees as her property, but who stays with him out of fear rather than love. Packard's tyrannical control of the highways is suddenly targeted by the driver of a black Dodge-PPG known as the Turbo Interceptor, who arrives in town and begins killing members of Packard's gang one by one in elimination races. The driver of this car is covered from head to toe in a racing helmet and black body armor, which conceals his identity, and is adorned with metal braces that resemble those worn by those recovering...
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