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Michael Cole over 7 years ago
Ugh, who thought any of this would make for an engaging story
Mandy Allen 4 months ago
Deanna Colt 3 years ago
Nicole McKeon almost 5 years ago
Amanda Allen 6 years ago
Nicole Johnson over 6 years ago
Mike Faulkner over 6 years ago
Patrick Gaertner over 6 years ago
Natie Marie over 6 years ago
Sean H over 6 years ago
Rianne Matthews over 7 years ago
Rock-a-Doodle is a 1992 American animated re-telling of Edmond Rostand's comedy, Chantecler. This film was directed by Don Bluth, produced by Goldcrest Films for The Samuel Goldwyn Company, and originally released in the United States on April 3, 1992. Chanticleer (Glen Campbell) is a proud rooster whose singing wakes the sun every morning (or so the other farm animals believe). His singing keeps the other animals happy and the farm free from downpours. However, one morning, Chanticleer is attacked by a rooster sent by the "Grand Duke of Owls" (Christopher Plummer). Chanticleer wins, but forgets to crow and the sun rises without his singing (it is not greatly hinted, but it is believed the Duke raised the sun with his powers as a means to help his plans of getting rid of Chanticleer). The other animals reject him and drive him out of the farm, causing a perpetual rainstorm and the beginning of the Grand Duke's reign of terror on the farm. The story is then revealed to be a storybook...
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