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Rachel Marshall 1 year ago
Classic and fun - surprised at just how much I enjoyed this!
Alex Silver almost 2 years ago
Charming. One of the best old musicals.
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
the scene where he sings in the rain is great, the rest didn't hold up.
Lino Monteiro almost 5 years ago
Lively, joyful and energized dancing and song sequences pull a rather weak plot through.
German 5 years ago
As Jahns would say AwesomeTacular.
Jonathan Evans over 5 years ago
Why don't we have more musicals like this. Not everything has to take itself so seriously!
Miguel over 5 years ago
Mi musical favorito
Austin 6 years ago
Brings escapist entertainment to a spectacular level. Perhaps the best musical ever.
Ryan Boucher 6 years ago
An utter delight. The enjoyment they show in making the film seeps into everything.
Kate Du-Rose 7 years ago
Bliss and joy. Just a perfect film
Charlie Alcock 7 years ago
Enjoyed it more than most musicals.
Robyn Hamilton over 7 years ago
One of the few musicals I genuinely enjoy. Song and dance numbers are just unforgettable.
Dylan Clites over 7 years ago
A delightful treat, the likes of which they just don't make anymore. Gets better with time
Dominic Dirupo almost 8 years ago
Easily the best musical in existence. I defy anyone not to love Gene Kelly
Sergey Kutserubov over 8 years ago
Stellar performances and charming story.
Don Lathrop 12 months ago
maddie over 1 year ago
Singin' in the Rain is a 1952 American comedy musical film starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds and directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, with Kelly also providing the choreography. It offers a comic depiction of Hollywood, and its transition from silent films to "talkies." Although it was not a big hit when first released, it was accorded its legendary status by contemporary critics. It is now frequently described as one of the best musicals ever made, topping the AFI's 100 Years of Musicals list, and ranking fifth in its updated list of the greatest American films in 2007. Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) is a popular silent film star with humble roots as a singer, dancer and stunt man. Don barely tolerates his vapid, shallow leading lady, Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen), though their studio, Monumental Pictures, links them romantically to increase their popularity. Lina herself is convinced they are in love, despite Don's protestations otherwise. One day, to escape from...
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