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Noah Rymer almost 5 years ago
John Carpenters first, no idea why so many people like it.
Stephen Jones over 8 years ago
"Indie" sci-fi from Carpenter before he was big box office. Quirky, silly, fun in space.
Giuseppe Mangialardi almost 4 years ago
Nicole McKeon over 5 years ago
Amanda Allen almost 7 years ago
Armistan Banes over 7 years ago
Henke over 7 years ago
Ronan Conway over 7 years ago
Herr Brisby 8 years ago
Daniel Chappell over 8 years ago
Peter Renshaw almost 9 years ago
Dark Star is a 1974 American comedic science fiction motion picture directed by John Carpenter and co-written with Dan O'Bannon. In the middle of the 22nd century, humankind has reached a point in its technological advancement to enable colonization of the far reaches of the universe. Armed with artificially intelligent "Thermostellar Triggering Devices", the scout ship Dark Star and its crew have been in space alone for twenty years on a mission to destroy "unstable planets" which might threaten future colonization. The ship's crew consists of Lt. Doolittle, Sgt. Pinback, Boiler, and Talby. Commander Powell, their superior officer, was killed by a faulty rear seat panel, but remains on board the ship in a state of cryogenic suspension. The crew perform their jobs in a state of abject boredom as the tedium of their task has driven them around the bend, with only each other, an increasing number of (sometimes comical) systems malfunctions (for instance the toilet facilities 'blew up'...
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