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Philomene Tsamados over 3 years ago
Brilliant soundtrack and filming NB lookup Frans Hals. Too sickening to watch again though
Noah Rymer almost 4 years ago
more of a play than a film. Very stylized, poor sound quality.
Devon 4 years ago
Disturbing, beautiful, terrible, shocking..
Bey Deckard over 4 years ago
Beautiful cinematography. Bizarre. Disturbing. One of my favourites.
Fernando Olivas over 6 years ago
Ludicrous. Decadent. Filthy. Voluptuous.
Lizzie almost 7 years ago
My Art & Violence class re-watched the last scene while eating ice cream cake. Perfect.
Guadio Ru over 7 years ago
Mandy Allen 4 months ago
Redshirt Antilles almost 3 years ago
Jonathan Evans almost 3 years ago
Mariana over 3 years ago
Sina Bakhshandeh over 4 years ago
Morgan DeVere over 4 years ago
Tom o'brien 5 years ago
Bare wire over 5 years ago
Ale Márquez almost 6 years ago
Ronan Conway almost 6 years ago
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover is a 1989 romantic crime drama written and directed by Peter Greenaway, starring Richard Bohringer, Michael Gambon, Helen Mirren, and Alan Howard in the titular roles. The film's graphic scatological, violent, and nude scenes, as well as its lavish cinematography and formalism were noted at the time of its release. English gangster Albert Spica (Michael Gambon) has taken over the high-class Le Hollandais Restaurant, run by French chef Richard Borst (Richard Bohringer). Spica makes nightly appearances at the restaurant with his retinue of thugs. His oafish behavior causes frequent confrontations with the staff and his own customers, whose patronage he loses, but whose money he seems not to miss. Forced to accompany Spica is his reluctant, well-bred wife, Georgina (Helen Mirren), who soon catches the eye of a quiet regular at the restaurant, bookshop owner Michael (Alan Howard). Under her husband's nose, Georgina carries on an affair with...
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