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Leif Jacobson 4 years ago
Overrated, over-written, Oscar-bait garbage. It's exploitative, is what it is.
Tony Gandía 4 years ago
Quite manipulative; traffics in stereotypes and exploits fears without providing insight
Ryan Boucher 4 years ago
A hilarious look at racism.
Jonathan Evans over 4 years ago
So I guess the conclusion is Asians can't drive?
Katie P 5 years ago
Solid overall. Slow in parts & very heavy material. A "once in a great while" film.
Natasha Marchev 5 years ago
review: http://bohemianrhapsodyclub.weebly.com/la-premiere.html
Annika Løchte Taylor over 5 years ago
A good film with a few extraordinary scenes.I remember the great parts instead of the dull
Ariel Flesler almost 6 years ago
Very good
Dominique Laurion 6 years ago
A series of stories all interconnecting and dealing with the issue of race and prejudice.
Austin 6 years ago
The stellar editing and few extremely powerful scenes save this cloying, hamfisted script.
Frankie Linus over 6 years ago
Don't see it as a film that tries to be controversial, just watch it. It's amazingly good
Nate McBean over 6 years ago
Tried to be controversial for the sake of winning an oscar
Robyn Hamilton over 6 years ago
Decent but entirely too heavy handed and melodramatic in its theme.
Paul Butler almost 7 years ago
Simply incredible!!!!
Hassan Mahmood almost 7 years ago
Remarkable catching of human vulnerability.simplify seeing right from wrong. watch it pls.
Kakra 7 years ago
Daniel Jones 7 years ago
Just flat out didn't care for this one. Highly disappointed it won best picture.
Anthony Kozlowski 7 years ago
Great when you first see it, but the more you think about it, the worse it gets.
Don Lathrop 7 months ago
Andras Iani 9 months ago
Crash is a 2004 American drama film co-written, produced, and directed by Paul Haggis. The film is about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles, California. A self-described "passion piece" for Haggis, Crash was inspired by a real life incident in which his Porsche was carjacked outside a video store on Wilshire Boulevard in 1991. It won three Oscars: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing in 2005 at the 78th Academy Awards. Several characters' stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles; a black LAPD detective estranged from his mother, his criminal younger brother and gang associate, the white District Attorney and his irritated and pampered wife, a racist white police officer who disgusts his more idealistic younger partner, an African American Hollywood director and his wife who must deal with the officer, a Persian-immigrant father who is wary of others, and a Hispanic locksmith and his young daughter. The film opens following a car accident involving...
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