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Henke almost 6 years ago
Not the best Bergman movie..
Paige Hargrove over 7 years ago
"Now you are yourself, but not yourself. an ideal state for a meeting between lovers."
Daniel McCoy 8 months ago
Jurgita Romule over 4 years ago
Anne over 4 years ago
Santtu Heikkinen over 5 years ago
John Morgan almost 6 years ago
Michael Stewart almost 6 years ago
Luca Andreola over 6 years ago
Zach Baird over 7 years ago
Luís Florêncio over 7 years ago
Hour of the Wolf (Swedish: Vargtimmen) is a 1968 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman and starring Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann. It combines elements of the film drama, surrealist film and horror film. During the opening credits, Bergman can be overheard giving instructions to and discussing with his staff while preparing a shot. The film is framed through the account of Alma (Liv Ullman), who addresses the audience directly while sitting at a picnic table. She tells of her husband's disappearance, which is explored in a flashback constructed of his diaries and her words. Johan Borg (von Sydow) is a painter who is regularly approached by odd and suspicious people. He confides to his young, pregnant wife Alma (Ullman) that he believes them to be demons, and that his insomnia is growing worse. On the nights when Johan can't sleep, Alma stays awake by his side through the nights, especially during the vargtimmen ("The Hour of the Wolf"), during which, Johan says, most births and...
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