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Neil Cooke over 6 years ago
Pretty good, in a beer-n-peanuts sort of way.
Justin L. Clemons over 6 years ago
What a myth...
David McKinstry over 8 years ago
It's true, white men can't jump
Andrew Birt almost 9 years ago
Jordan v Bird. Wesley v Woody. Fleer v Upper Deck '92 was baller.
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Matthew Bettencourt over 2 years ago
Hiram Soto over 2 years ago
Noah Rymer 4 years ago
Jennifer Kaiser over 4 years ago
Asael Acosta over 5 years ago
Wilma Monaghan almost 6 years ago
Andrea Finocchiaro almost 6 years ago
Brett Collett 6 years ago
Jack Genius 6 years ago
Thin Mint 6 years ago
Becky over 6 years ago
Andy Whitfield over 6 years ago
Edsel Dope almost 7 years ago
White Men Can't Jump is a 1992 American sports comedy drama film starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as streetball hustlers, co-starring Rosie Perez. The film was written and directed by Ron Shelton and released in theaters on March 27, 1992 by 20th Century Fox. Billy Hoyle (Harrelson) is a former college basketball player who makes a living hustling streetballers who assume he cannot play well because he is white. Hoyle never downplays his skill to increase the stakes; it is the black basketball players' own assumptions that are at the root of the hustle. Such a talented but arrogant player is Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes), a star on the Venice Beach, California outdoor courts. He is humiliated twice by Billy in front of his friends, losing a wager. But he also recognizes a good thing when he sees one and immediately begins to think of a number of ways Billy can be useful to him. Billy and his girlfriend Gloria Clemente (Rosie Perez) are on the run from out-of-state mobsters...
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