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Catch and Release is a 2007 romantic comedy film released by Columbia Pictures. It is the directorial debut of Susannah Grant, who wrote the film Erin Brockovich. It stars Jennifer Garner as a woman mourning her fiancé's death who finds a more than welcoming shoulder to cry on in her dead fiance's best friend. Timothy Olyphant and filmmaker Kevin Smith co-star. The film opens with Gray (Jennifer Garner) at the funeral of her fiancé, Grady. They were supposed to be married that day, but due to a boating accident that happened during his bachelor party weekend, he was killed. Gray is very upset and eventually seeks solace by hiding in the bathtub. Meanwhile, one of Grady's friends, Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), has seduced one of the catering staff and takes her into the bathroom, not realizing that Gray is there. Gray is forced to listen to them have sex. Once the caterer leaves, she pulls back the shower curtain, startling Fritz. Gray visits the attorney to determine what will happen to...
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