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Gabbo Alexander over 6 years ago
Excellent adaptation of the game that surpasses the live-action movie in every way.
Ronan Conway over 6 years ago
Lisa Palmer over 7 years ago
Daniel Jones over 7 years ago
Nobuyuki Nishigaki almost 8 years ago
Luke Chilcott almost 9 years ago
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, known as Street Fighter II Movie (ストリートファイター II MOVIE, Sutorīto Faitā Tsū Mūbī, not to be confused with the live-action version) in Japan and Australia, is a 1994 Japanese animated film adaptation of the Street Fighter II fighting games written by Kenichi Imai, directed by Gisaburō Sugii and animated by Group TAC. The film, originally released in Japan on August 8, 1994, has been adapted into English in dubbed and subtitled format by Manga Entertainment. Group TAC later produced the anime series Street Fighter II V. The fight sequences of the film were choreographed by K-1 founder Kazuyoshi Ishii and professional fighter Andy Hug. The film begins with a battle between the Japanese martial artist, Ryu, and Muay Thai champion, Sagat. During the fight, Sagat has gained the upper hand. Just as he is about to finish Ryu off, Ryu manages to connect with one of his signature techniques, the Shoryuken, inflicting a severe scar across the chest of Sagat....
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