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Sasha 5 years ago
Deeply boring.
Don Lathrop 19 days ago
Lisa Witberg over 2 years ago
Alex Wilkinson over 3 years ago
Lexi Gehring almost 4 years ago
Katie Weiher 4 years ago
Juan Miguel over 4 years ago
Marina Neumann almost 5 years ago
Victoria Roe almost 5 years ago
Luis Uribe over 5 years ago
Timothy Bishop over 5 years ago
Edsel Dope over 5 years ago
Paola A. over 5 years ago
Hannah Newman almost 6 years ago
Ginny Head 6 years ago
Becky 6 years ago
Anna Pei over 6 years ago
Maria Andrea almost 7 years ago
Fever Pitch, which was released as The Perfect Catch outside of the United States and Canada, is a 2005 Farrelly brothers romantic comedy film. It is a remake of a 1997 British film of the same name. Both films are loosely based on the Nick Hornby book of the same name, a best-selling memoir in the United Kingdom. Hornby also wrote the screenplay for the original film, but had no input for the American remake. While both the book and the original 1997 film are about soccer, this version, aimed at the US market, is about baseball. Both Fever Pitch films feature dramatic or unexpected sporting victories, the original focusing on Arsenal's last minute League title win in 1989, and the remake on Boston Red Sox's 2004 World Series. The film opened in theatres on April 8, 2005 and is the first non-gross out film by the Farrelly brothers. The film begins with Ben Wrightman as a 7 year-old going to a Red Sox game with his Uncle Carl. His uncle treated him like a son because he had no kids of...
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