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Leif Jacobson over 4 years ago
Absolutely genius stand-up set. Still funny 30 years later and on my fourth time through.
Guy Meltzer over 4 years ago
so funny
Kevin Barrett over 5 years ago
Who gets away with a red leather suit?
Michael Cole over 5 years ago
I recommend watch his 80s movies instead.
Jim Barton over 6 years ago
Back when he was funny.
Bassam Alola almost 7 years ago
best of eddie murphy
Jose Stan 7 years ago
hillarious comedy
Sam Bowman over 7 years ago
The first chunk can come close to being unwatchable but it gets scary good afterwards
Brendan Keevers over 7 years ago
I have never laughed as much within 2hours as I have done in this film. Feckinilarous.
Hillisha Haygood almost 8 years ago
This...along with SNL was the precursor to Eddie's dominance of the 80s!
Andrew Birt 8 years ago
Loved it when I was 17, but man it has seriously dated. Times have changed.
Kealey Nutt 8 years ago
So horrifically homophobic that I couldn't find it funny or watch more than 10mins.
Luke Allen over 8 years ago
Seen 5 times & still very funny but 1st time I saw it was the funniest movie ive ever seen
John Barton over 8 years ago
Emma Dilemma over 8 years ago
I cry with laughter, every time!
kat knight 3 months ago
Michelle Roussell almost 2 years ago
Anthony 2 years ago
Fernando Studzinski over 3 years ago
Gerald Cohen over 3 years ago
Delirious is a stand-up comedy television special starring Eddie Murphy. The 70-minute show, released in 1983, showcases his most racy material. The word "fuck" is used a total of 230 times, and "shit" is used 171 times. It was recorded on August 17, 1983 at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.. It was a big success and was followed-up with the concert film Eddie Murphy Raw. The Bus Boys perform in the beginning of the concert and are referenced throughout by Murphy. This stand-up routine was infamous for its stereotypical depiction of a homosexual Mr. T, followed by a depiction of Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton as a gay couple. Though his portrayal brought on raucous applause from the audience in the performance, these comments were retracted by Eddie Murphy in an interview several years later. The performance is also known for Murphy's making fun of James Brown's singing mannerisms, particularly the scratchy nature of Brown's voice and the nearly indecipherable nature of his lyrics....
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