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Noah Rymer almost 4 years ago
really enjoyed this early john carpenter film. you see his style developing.
emilio murillo over 4 years ago
Grim, fun, grainy, exciting and coarse film. Highly gripping and thrilling. Fun overall.
Austin 5 years ago
A lean re-imagining of Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo.
Jake Barlow 6 years ago
Low budget & kind of cheesy--but I love John Carpenter's style.
Marcus Miller almost 7 years ago
A bit silly, but a pretty solid film considering it was Carpenter's second.
Davide MrBlonde almost 3 years ago
Scott Hume over 3 years ago
Nicole McKeon over 4 years ago
Matthew Bettencourt almost 5 years ago
Davide Mannarelli almost 5 years ago
Patrick Gaertner almost 5 years ago
Facu Leiva-Freytes over 5 years ago
Derek Andersen over 5 years ago
Russ Freeman over 5 years ago
Nino Vignjevic almost 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff 6 years ago
Assault on Precinct 13 is a 1976 American action-thriller film written and directed by John Carpenter. It stars Austin Stoker as a police officer who defends a defunct precinct against an attack by a relentless criminal gang, along with Darwin Joston as a convicted murderer who helps him. Laurie Zimmer and Tony Burton co-star as other defenders of the precinct. The story was inspired by the Howard Hawks western film Rio Bravo and the George A. Romero horror film Night of the Living Dead. Upon original release the film was met with mixed reviews and unimpressive box-office returns in the United States, but it won critical and popular acclaim in Europe. It gained a considerable cult following and was later re-evaluated as one of the best action films of its era. A remake appeared in 2005, directed by Jean-Francois Richet and starring Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburne. The story takes place on a Saturday in Anderson, a crime-infested ghetto in South Central Los Angeles. Members of a...
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