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Michael Cole over 5 years ago
Typical comedy of increasingly absurd situations without any truly funny moments.
Don Lathrop 6 months ago
Gerald Cohen 3 years ago
Jessica Bergeron almost 5 years ago
Sasha almost 5 years ago
Darielle Rocca almost 5 years ago
A Guy Thing is a 2003 film directed by Chris Koch. Karen (Selma Blair) and Paul (Jason Lee) are about get married. However, after his bachelor party, Paul wakes up next to Becky (Julia Stiles), a dancer at the party. Assuming they slept together, Paul rushes Becky out of his apartment and hopes never to see her again. He tries to cover up the connection for the few days before the wedding. Unfortunately, Becky unexpectedly shows up around town and turns out to be Karen's cousin. Even worse, Becky's ex-boyfriend cop Ray had Becky followed and photographed. Becky and Paul meet again to steal those pictures from Ray's apartment. Further problems arise with family and friends consistently showing up at the wrong times. Crabs, dirty underwear in the toilet tank, a horny best friend, and a best man/brother who is in love with the bride all provide for a week of wedding preparations. The film debuted at #7 in the U.S. box office, taking $6,988,749 USD in its opening weekend, before falling...
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