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Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
How White Stella Got Her Groove Back...In Italy!
Kirsten Hildonen over 6 years ago
Rife with cliches, utterly predictable, but serious Italian scenery porn.
Thore Danielsen over 7 years ago
Nicely shot, nice Tuscan views.
Giorgia 9 months ago
Diane Moolhuijsen over 2 years ago
Mtt J over 2 years ago
Olivia Lorscheid almost 3 years ago
maddie almost 3 years ago
Angie Beech over 3 years ago
Phetcharat 4 years ago
Lacey Shinn over 4 years ago
Sonia over 4 years ago
Marina Neumann almost 5 years ago
Lowfill Tarmak almost 5 years ago
Boris De Decker almost 5 years ago
Keri 5 years ago
Dan 5 years ago
Under the Tuscan Sun is a 2003 film based on Frances Mayes' 1996 memoir of the same name. The film was directed by Audrey Wells and starred Diane Lane. Frances Mayes (Diane Lane) is a San Francisco writer whose seemingly perfect life has just taken an unexpected detour. She finds out at a party that she's hosting, from a writer to whom she had given a bad review of his book, that her husband has been cheating on her. The divorce leaves her depressed and with seemingly terminal writer's block; her best friend Patti (Sandra Oh), a lesbian who is expecting a child, is beginning to think Frances might never recover. Patti convinces her to take an Italian vacation, to Tuscany in the town of Cortona, but it's on a gay tour (Patti and her partner Grace (Kate Walsh) had booked it for themselves, but changed plans after Patti became pregnant). At first Frances refuses, but then after a depressing day in her new, gloomy apartment, she decides that it is a good idea to get away for a little...
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