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Glen Moore almost 2 years ago
A Christmas Favorite
Sasha over 3 years ago
Perfect 90s feel and Christmas setting.
Robert Stuart almost 5 years ago
One of my favorite Christmas themed films. Snarky as hell.
Kirsten Hildonen over 6 years ago
Some Xmases, you gotta watch a film that makes your fam look 'not that bad' by comparison
Yarakai 11 months ago
noemi gutierrez over 3 years ago
ZZ almost 4 years ago
Josh Persky 4 years ago
frank mint 5 years ago
Marc Hyde over 5 years ago
Jake Boone over 6 years ago
Becky over 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 6 years ago
The Ref (Hostile Hostages in some countries) is a 1994 American black comedy film directed by Ted Demme and starring Denis Leary, Judy Davis, and Kevin Spacey. The film opens with Lloyd and Caroline Chasseur (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis) in marriage counseling on Christmas Eve; the session does not go well and their problems become evident. Caroline has had an affair, and Lloyd is miserable and blames the problems with their son, Jesse (Robert J. Steinmiller, Jr.), on his wife. The marriage counselor tries to get the two of them to talk to each other, but, behaving professionally, he himself refuses to intercede on either side. The film cuts to a criminal named Gus (Denis Leary) in the midst of stealing jewelry from a safe in a home he has broken into; however, he accidentally sets off the alarm, a trap door opens, and he lands in the basement. Only after he is bitten on the leg by a guard dog is Gus able to escape the house, but his getaway car, driven by his bumbling, alcoholic,...
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