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Tony Gandía 4 years ago
Unexpectedly entertaining romp through Manhattan. One of Allen's above average entries
Paul Kubon 6 years ago
Woody Allen's best film. A small line in the film about the door always makes me laugh
Jonathan Evans almost 3 years ago
Matthew Bettencourt over 3 years ago
frank mint over 4 years ago
Josh Boggs almost 5 years ago
Tom o'brien 5 years ago
Bare wire over 5 years ago
Lucy Avramova almost 6 years ago
Carlos almost 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff 6 years ago
Tharun Thomas over 6 years ago
EJ Strauss over 6 years ago
Matteo Satta over 6 years ago
Bonni Thompson over 6 years ago
Saška Svirac almost 7 years ago
Amy Elle almost 7 years ago
Federica almost 7 years ago
Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) is a comedic murder mystery film directed by and starring Woody Allen and written by Marshall Brickman and Woody Allen. After attending a hockey game, Larry Lipton and his wife Carol meet their next-door neighbors Paul and Lilian House, and are invited in for coffee. Lilian discusses her various exercises with Carol, while Paul shows Larry his stamp collections. The couple seems very healthy considering their ages. The next night, Larry and Carol come off the elevator to find the Houses' door open, and a crowd forming in the doorway. They learn that Lilian has died of a heart attack suddenly. Her body is covered by a sheet on a stretcher. Larry and Carol both think that her death is a surprise, because she was so healthy, and didn't mention any heart conditions when with Carol. A couple of days after her death, the Liptons meet Paul on the street. Carol notes on his cheerfulness, and thinks his behavior is suspicious. Larry thinks Carol should visit her...
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