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Peter Renshaw over 7 years ago
'Play hard, you'll forget the fear.' ~ released as 'The Salute of the Jugger'
Lauren Armstrong almost 2 years ago
Ciaran Bourke over 7 years ago
Daniel Troma Johnsson over 7 years ago
The Blood of Heroes is a 1989 Australian post-apocalyptic film directed by David Webb Peoples and starring Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen. The film is also known by the names The Salute of the Jugger and Salute to the Jugger. The film has inspired the creation of the sport Jugger. Produced by Kings Road Entertainment, the film is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where the wars waged in the 20th century have left the world barren and the past forgotten. Most live from hand to mouth in enclaves known as "market-towns" or "dog-towns", scrounging out a bare subsistence harvesting hardy crops, raising dogs as food, and trading in trinkets from the past. What little entertainment comes primarily from a brutal sport known as The Game. It is played by bands of roving teams known as juggers, who challenge local teams. They might be considered professional athletes, as they make their living through the tribute paid by the town people, should they defeat the local team. Their trophy is the dog...
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