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Kayley Sage 1 year ago
A long movie, but I think it would feel incomplete without everything that went into it.
Norppa over 2 years ago
I just LOVE Mozart's actor!
Türkü over 2 years ago
adore it.
Alejandro Betancourt 3 years ago
To long, but interesting movie of mozart from the eyes of salieri
Austin over 3 years ago
A masterpiece. Abraham gives one of the best film performances EVER.
Brandon Keck 4 years ago
All 3 hours were pure entertainment.
Ana Annie 5 years ago
Mozart's laugh :D :D :D
Davis Keck over 5 years ago
Full of life, wigs, music, and Mozart's laugh. The late 1700s has never been so vibrant.
Ryan Boucher over 5 years ago
I didn't realise Mozart had such an annoying laugh or that he was up against Vampires.
Dominique Laurion over 6 years ago
I Love, Love, Love this movie, the costumes, the sets, the story, the acting, fantastic.
Jonathan Evans almost 7 years ago
Worried this'd be cheese, but no. Damn accents! Directing spectacular! Acting overrated?
Paula Maddern 7 years ago
Music selected to perfection for impact. The Requiem now is a masked man for me.
Professional Moron 7 years ago
An all time classic. I AM MOZART!
Robyn Hamilton over 7 years ago
Amadeus- making Mozart look like a retard since '84. Too long. 3/5 for mise en scene
Heejoo Kim over 7 years ago
Gotta love Mozart's laugh
Peter Wolfley over 7 years ago
Probably my favorite movie of all time.
Stephen Howell over 7 years ago
Nate McBean over 7 years ago
DVD disc returned on 6/25/2012
Dylan Clites over 7 years ago
Easily one of the most beautiful films ever made. I dare you not to fall in love with it.
Stephen Jones almost 8 years ago
Ultimate rivalry of geniuses, brilliantly acted as "mad" Mozart bests his sober rival
Amadeus is a 1984 period drama film directed by Miloš Forman and written by Peter Shaffer. Adapted from Shaffer's stage play Amadeus, the story is based loosely on the lives of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, two composers who lived in Vienna, Austria, during the latter half of the 18th century. The film was nominated for 53 awards and received 40, including eight Academy Awards (including Best Picture), four BAFTA Awards, four Golden Globes, and a DGA Award. In 1998, the American Film Institute ranked Amadeus 53rd on its 100 Years... 100 Movies list. The film begins in 1823 as Salieri, as an old man, attempts suicide by slitting his throat while loudly begging forgiveness for having killed Mozart in 1791. Placed in a lunatic asylum for the act, Salieri is visited by a young priest who seeks to take his confession. Salieri is sullen and uninterested but eventually warms to the priest and launches into a long "confession" about the relationship between himself and Mozart....
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