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Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea 1 year ago
I like this movie
Fabio Vanegas 1 year ago
Excellent psychological thriller
Kayley Sage over 2 years ago
The most unbelievable part is that it took a whole year for the shit to hit the fan!
cervv over 4 years ago
Raffaela Px Scarano over 4 years ago
a parte tonino accolla, tutto appo
Damian Campo 5 years ago
It's definitely a must see for people who enjoy physiological films.
Ana Annie 5 years ago
Ay Lin almost 6 years ago
Heart-gripping performance and looks from Christian Bale.
Kittypuff 6 years ago
Dark,psychological,and fascinating.Unpredictable plot twist-and those are hard to find.
Meryovi over 6 years ago
Dark and original. Great movie.
Aaron Jones over 6 years ago
So many influences in early-mid 20th century film, amazing watch if you're a film student.
J.H. Howes over 6 years ago
Christian Bale's ribs make me uncomfortable.
Cory Van Dorn over 6 years ago
Crazy film! Great acting by Christan but it was extremely slow. Good plot and ending.
Griffin Maurer over 6 years ago
It had promise, but ultimately it tried too hard to be dark and mysterious.
Nino D over 6 years ago
Deffinitely a different movie, not bad just a bit odd, and not exclusively in a good way
Jan Wierzbowski over 6 years ago
Creepy and tense. Excellent acting by Bale. Neat NIN reference.
Grant davies almost 7 years ago
Christian Bale proves what a great actor he is. Lost a lot of weight for character. Brill
Nate McBean almost 7 years ago
Not a huge fan of this. (8/20/2009)
Nina Skarp almost 7 years ago
Fucking Christian Bale. Oh. my. god.
Ferşat Özçelik almost 7 years ago
a paranormal and original film. not bad.
The Machinist (also known as El Maquinista) is a 2004 English-language Spanish psychological thriller film directed by Brad Anderson and written by Scott Kosar. The film stars Christian Bale and features Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Sharian, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, and Michael Ironside. It was produced by the Fantastic Factory label of Filmax and Castelao Productions. Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) is a machinist who has had chronic insomnia for a year and has lost weight to the point where he has become severely emaciated. His alarming appearance and strange behavior cause his co-workers to keep away; they eventually turn on him after he is involved in a machine accident that costs his colleague Miller (Michael Ironside) his left arm. Trevor, who was distracted by an unfamiliar co-worker named Ivan (John Sharian), bears the blame for the accident. No one at the factory knows of Ivan and there are no records of him as an employee. Trevor seems to find peace only in the arms of Stevie ...
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