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Daniel Camacho over 1 year ago
Not a great movie, but extremly etretaining
Don Lathrop 1 year ago
bethswald over 3 years ago
Lacey Shinn over 5 years ago
Gary over 5 years ago
Jake Boone over 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 6 years ago
Matthew Bettencourt over 6 years ago
Edsel Dope over 6 years ago
Aisha over 6 years ago
Hannah Proctor almost 8 years ago
Heavyweights is a 1995 comedy-drama film, directed by Steven Brill and co-written by Brill with Judd Apatow. Heavyweights is about a fat camp for kids that is taken over by a fitness guru named Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller). As school ends for the summer, Gerry (Aaron Schwartz) is sent by his parents to Camp Hope, a weight loss camp for boys. Despite worrying at first, Gerry makes friends easily at the Chipmunk Cabin (which the boys have named a long time ago) Gerald learns that Camp Hope is actually a lot of fun and will not be nearly as bad as he thinks; as one veteran of the camp put it, Gerald is "not the fat kid, everyone's the fat kid." He also discovers that the other campers have smuggled in enough junk food to easily stave off the hunger pangs and probably counteract any weight loss that the camp programs cause. But all is not well at Camp Hope. The first night of the summer brings the revelation that the original owners of Camp Hope, Harvey (Jerry Stiller) and Alice Bushkin ...
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