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Jennifer Kaiser 5 years ago
A nature documentary about birds that is subversive and beautiful.
Don Lathrop 4 months ago
Lillian 2 years ago
Lisa Harms 4 years ago
gio over 5 years ago
Julie Wolterstorff almost 7 years ago
Cody almost 7 years ago
Nathan Alan Stryker over 7 years ago
Winged Migration (French: Le Peuple Migrateur, also known as The Travelling Birds in some UK releases, or The Travelling Birds: An adventure in flight in Australia), is a 2001 documentary film directed by Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats and Jacques Perrin, who was also one of the writers and narrators, showcasing the immense journeys routinely made by birds during their migrations. The film is dedicated to the French ornithologist Jean Dorst. The movie was shot over the course of four years on all seven continents. Shot using in-flight cameras, most of the footage is aerial, and the viewer appears to be flying alongside birds of successive species, especially Canada geese. They traverse every kind of weather and landscape, covering vast distances in a flight for survival. The filmmakers exposed over 590 miles of film to create an 89-minute piece. In one case, two months of filming in one location was edited down to less than one minute in the final film. Much of the aerial footage was...
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