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Aaron Jones almost 3 years ago
Psychological thriller — stunning use of sound to convey the protagonist's inner turmoil.
Issac Spicer over 3 years ago
Fans of Frantic can revisit that frantic film through forgoing Repulsion.
Lino Monteiro over 4 years ago
Allegorically very interesting. A striking and intense depiction of growing madness.
emilio murillo over 5 years ago
A very expressionistic approach to psychological instability. Acute suspense build-up.
Jade Dewyn over 7 years ago
One of the scariest movies I've ever seen!
Edwooger Fischer Heitmann over 7 years ago
A slow paced film about something that is only hinted at. The music is just noise.
Vón Sadurní over 2 years ago
Rosalio Galvan almost 3 years ago
Cveti Kalcheva almost 3 years ago
Tinnuel over 3 years ago
David West 4 years ago
Robert Stuart almost 5 years ago
Inês over 5 years ago
John Edward Taylor over 5 years ago
Tom o'brien over 5 years ago
Bare wire 6 years ago
Nino Vignjevic over 6 years ago
Repulsion is a 1965 British psychological thriller film directed by Roman Polanski, based on a scenario by Gérard Brach and Roman Polanski. It was Polanski's first English language film, and was shot in Britain, as such being his second film made outside his native Poland. The cast includes Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser and Yvonne Furneaux. Polanski himself makes a cameo as a spoon player in a trio of street buskers. Carole Ledoux (Catherine Deneuve) is a young Belgian manicurist who lives in Kensington, London, with her sister Helen (Yvonne Furneaux). Carol seems shy and interacts with men awkwardly. When Helen leaves on a holiday to Italy with her married boyfriend, Michael (Ian Hendry), Carol appears distracted at work, refuses to leave her apartment, leaves a raw, skinned rabbit out to rot, and sees hallucinations, first of the walls cracking, then reaching out with hands to grab and attack her, and finally of a man breaking in and raping her. When Colin (John Fraser)...
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