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Michael Cole over 4 years ago
Thought for a moment they were going to give a modicum of resolution for the series. Nope.
Dónal Kennedy almost 5 years ago
Nostalgia can't save this formulaic romp from mediocrity.
Jody Bradley over 5 years ago
Enjoyed watching the old favourite but it can't beat the tv show.
Tanya 6 years ago
Nostalgia factor. Is all it has going for it.
Kakra over 6 years ago
5/10 the show is better
Hannah Proctor 7 years ago
I probably liked this movie in the fifth grade.
Jessica Gross over 1 year ago
Rachel Marshall over 2 years ago
Rafael Santos over 3 years ago
Eduardo Gez over 4 years ago
Lacey Shinn over 4 years ago
Pachecolilium Fp almost 5 years ago
Cynthia Vance 5 years ago
Stubberud over 5 years ago
Felicitas Keclach over 5 years ago
Marissa Chang over 5 years ago
Edsel Dope over 5 years ago
Paola A. almost 6 years ago
Madison Ford 6 years ago
Hey Arnold!: The Movie is a 2002 animated film based on the 1996-2004 Nickelodeon animated television series Hey Arnold!. The film was released in theaters on June 28, 2002. The musical scores in the film and the Nickelodeon animated series are written and composed by Jim Lang and R&B; singer Jill Scott. The film begins with Arnold and Gerald walking back to the boarding house with a popped basketball after being beaten by 5th graders at a game. Before Arnold walks into the boarding house, he sees several of his neighbors making a fuss about something. Mr. Green, a neighbor of Arnold’s, explains the commotion. He states that Mr. Scheck, the CEO of a real estate company called Future Tech Industries or FTi, wants to buy all of Arnold's neighborhood so that he can convert it into a futuristic mall. According to the news, the mayor is already approving plans for the mall. This means that Arnold’s neighborhood will be destroyed and everyone who lives there has to move away (which would...
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