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Denton McCabe almost 5 years ago
Definitely has its moments.Great performance from Rutger Hauer but overall-not great art
David Criswell almost 8 years ago
Extra star for Sam &George, but just OK.
Daniel Jones 8 years ago
Solid directing effort from George Clooney. Actors are all great. Story is top notch.
Jen Armstrong 8 years ago
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Michelle Roussell over 2 years ago
Aaron Jones over 3 years ago
Jonathan Evans almost 4 years ago
Noah Rymer almost 5 years ago
Artie Fasciani almost 5 years ago
Guy Meltzer 5 years ago
Drew K over 5 years ago
Molly Flanagan almost 6 years ago
Marc Hyde almost 6 years ago
Andrea Finocchiaro almost 6 years ago
Tom o'brien 6 years ago
Luispah 6 years ago
Thin Mint over 6 years ago
Timothy Bishop over 6 years ago
Jessica Barraca almost 7 years ago
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a 2002 biographical spy film depicting the life of popular game show host and producer Chuck Barris, who claimed to have also been an assassin for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Sam Rockwell portrays Barris and the film was directed by actor George Clooney and written by Charlie Kaufman. Columbia Pictures had planned to produce a film adaptation of Barris' memoir of the same name in the late 1980s. When the film rights were purchased by producer Andrew Lazar, Charlie Kaufman was commissioned to write a new script, which attracted various A-list actors and filmmakers to the project. After Bryan Singer's version of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind with Johnny Depp in the lead role was canceled in February 2001, George Clooney took over directing duties. Barris remained heavily involved in production in an attempt to portray the film from his point of view. To accommodate the $30 million budget, Clooney convinced actresses Drew Barrymore and...
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