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Aditya Gada 7 years ago
J.H. Howes 7 years ago
Takeshi (Beat) Kitano's best film of all time. A must-watch movie.
Gorilla Romero over 4 years ago
Seth Oldmixon almost 6 years ago
Andrea Finocchiaro almost 6 years ago
Pony Hünchen 6 years ago
Edward J. Ryan almost 7 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff 7 years ago
Seiji Kurihara over 8 years ago
Sonatine (ソナチネ, Sonachine) is a 1993 Japanese film by Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano. It won numerous awards and became one of Kitano's most successful and praised films, garnering him a sizable international fan base. Kitano plays Murakawa, a Tokyo yakuza tiring of gangster life. Along with some henchmen, he is sent by his boss to Okinawa supposedly to mediate a dispute between their allies, the Nakamatsu clan, and the Anan clan. Murakawa openly suspects that the assignment is an attempt to have him removed and even beats up one of his colleagues, Takahashi, who he distrusts, but ends up going with his men. He finds that the dispute between the clans is insignificant and while wondering why he was sent to Okinawa at all, the group's temporary headquarters are bombed and they are then ambushed in a bar, killing several of Murakawa's men. Fleeing to the seaside, the survivors take refuge in a remote beach house belonging to a brother of one of the Nakamatsu members and decide to...
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