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Eric Brainard 1 year ago
Still a good MIB film even though it isn't as good as the first.
Michael Cole over 3 years ago
Okay follow-up, but ruins the ending from the first film.
Christopher McLean over 5 years ago
Decent light, action/comdey. Better than the second but nowhere near the original.
Justin L. Clemons over 6 years ago
The story continues fighting against bad aliens. Good movie, good acting.
Kittypuff almost 7 years ago
Funny & re-watchable, but i feel like the try-hard comedy took away from it
Fae almost 7 years ago
I enjoyed this one more than the first but it was still just decent.
Emma Jun 7 years ago
Slinks too far into silly comic book and tries too hard to emulate the first.
Jane Kenney 7 years ago
Hilarious, Funny, and a good re-watch.
Nate McBean over 7 years ago
You rated this 3 stars on 1/12/2010
Kakra almost 8 years ago
Petar Mate 8 years ago
Good part, but 1st part is much better.
Dylan Clites 8 years ago
The weakest of the series, but Jones and Smith still have awesome chemistry. Worth a view.
David McKinstry over 8 years ago
Not the greatest movie ever, but definitely enjoyable
Patricia 11 months ago
Joshua Lee over 1 year ago
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Brian Kuepper over 1 year ago
Guido Petri 2 years ago
pavlina 2 years ago
Hiram Soto 2 years ago
Men in Black II is a 2002 science fiction action comedy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The film also stars Lara Flynn Boyle, Johnny Knoxville, Rosario Dawson and Rip Torn. The film is a sequel to the 1997 film Men in Black, and is followed by Men in Black III, all of which are based on the Malibu comic book series The Men in Black by Lowell Cunningham. Five years after the events of Men in Black, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) has assumed civilian life as Kevin Brown, a postmaster of the small town of Truro, Massachusetts, and Agent J (Will Smith) continues to work for the MiB, the self-funded New York City-based agency that secretly monitors and regulates extraterrestrials' activity on Earth. J is largely without a partner, as his former partner Agent L has returned to her former life as a deputy medical examiner Dr. Laurel Weaver (played by Linda Fiorentino in the original MIB movie) and her successors had been expelled from the agency by J due to their unsuitability. Most...
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