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Rachelina Larasati almost 5 years ago
Need few mins to really get into the funny part. Tho, JC's facial expression is priceless!
Ashley Beacom over 5 years ago
one of J.C.'s best films to date
Justin L. Clemons almost 6 years ago
Jim Carrey does a great job in this one. Funny, funny, funny...
Dominique Bosman almost 6 years ago
Not very special, just like every other movie...
Robyn Hamilton 6 years ago
OTT in the best ways possible. Carey at his best.
Saffron Beatson over 6 years ago
The facial expressions take up half the movie time. They're worth it.
Cory Van Dorn over 6 years ago
Very funny a little heart warming
candice rachel goodman over 6 years ago
Clever, but irrelevant plot but who cares; Carrey's superb delivery and style makes this.
Nina Skarp over 6 years ago
One of those films you can watch over and over again infinitely.
Fae over 6 years ago
Makes me chuckle but I don't really sought the movie out. It was okay.
Devon Worrell over 6 years ago
Hard time with Jim Carrey's acting but reasonable story makes this worth watching barely
Davide Pellegrini almost 7 years ago
so funny! Nice plot!
Tavis almost 7 years ago
I can't lie: this movie is just okay.
Alex Gifford almost 7 years ago
I still remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and I still love it just as much
Lino Monteiro 7 years ago
Silly, very funny, if not a little over-the-top. It'll crack you up. And I ain't lying.
Kakra over 7 years ago
Kelly over 7 years ago
Never laughed so hard at someone getting into a fight with a pen.
Dylan Clites over 7 years ago
If I were under the spell featured, I still couldn't find anything bad to say about it.
Patricia 3 months ago
Don Lathrop 9 months ago
Liar Liar is a 1997 American comedy film written by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur, directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Jim Carrey. Carrey was nominated for a Golden Globe Award (1997) for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical. The film is the second of three collaborations between Jim Carrey and Tom Shadyac, the first being Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the third being Bruce Almighty. It is also the second of three collaborations between Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur, the first being The Little Rascals and the third being Heartbreakers. It was shot entirely in California. It is unofficially remade in Bollywood as Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta. In Los Angeles, California Fletcher Reed (Jim Carrey) is a career-focused lawyer and divorced father. He loves spending time with his young son Max (Justin Cooper); they often play a game where Fletcher makes his hand into "the Claw" and pretends to chase Max with it. But Fletcher has a habit of giving precedence to...
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