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Eric Brainard 9 months ago
Not a good film but it was made. Very cheesy with over the top acting from the leads.
Noah Rymer 4 years ago
not sure how something this crazy got made, but glad it did.
Jack Genius over 4 years ago
Saw this while high on shrooms, pretty weird and silly I'd say, but great nonetheless.
Силвия Митева over 5 years ago
There was a time John Woo was on top of the world. This is probably his masterpiece.
Bruno Ferreira Machado over 5 years ago
Great action.
Anthony Kozlowski almost 6 years ago
Possibly the most aggressively stupid movie I've ever seen and that may be the point.
Matt M over 6 years ago
Everything I hoped it would be. Cage did not disappoint.
Emma Jun over 6 years ago
Great fun. Heavily stylised gun violence with great performances. Infinitely rewatchable
Elizabeth Lynn 7 years ago
Perfect for a site like this: not good, but god so entertaining and so rewatchable
Matthew Howard over 7 years ago
Cage at his best - which doesn't say an awful lot.
Robyn Hamilton over 7 years ago
Redonkadonk OTT, but a lot of fun for sheer ridiculousness' sake.
Derek Margaryan over 7 years ago
can be watched forever...
Andy Whitfield over 7 years ago
Completely over-the-top, but I enjoy it not in spite of that, but because of it.
Kakra over 7 years ago
Kraig Brachman over 7 years ago
This movie is insane. Over the top, out of control. Just like Nicholas Cage
Jessica Birnie 3 months ago
Patricia 4 months ago
Melih Manisalıgil over 1 year ago
Face/Off is a 1997 action thriller film directed by John Woo, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The two both play an FBI agent and a terrorist, sworn enemies who assume the physical appearance of one another. The film exemplifies gun fu and heroic bloodshed action sequences, and has Travolta and Cage each playing two personalities. It was the first Hollywood film in which Woo was given complete creative control and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics. Eventually grossing $245 million worldwide, Face/Off was a financial success. Freelance terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) is relentlessly pursued by FBI Special Agent in Charge Sean Archer (John Travolta). Years earlier, Troy, in an attempt to kill Archer, accidentally killed Archer's young son, Michael; the two have been obsessed with each other ever since. The FBI receives information that Castor's brother, Pollux (Alessandro Nivola), has chartered a plane at LAX airport. Archer knows that Pollux will not fly without...
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