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Noah Rymer almost 4 years ago
well made and disturbing as hell.
Alex Perez over 6 years ago
Larry Clark haunts you.
Trick James almost 7 years ago
R.I.P. Justin & Harald!
emilio murillo almost 7 years ago
Raw and heavy. Postmodern film with a very natural, yet uninviting script. 90s overload.
Dylan Clites 7 years ago
The plot was great, but the characters are annoying and the camerawork is terrible.
Daniel Jones 7 years ago
It may not have aged well, but it still stands as a testament to growing up in the 1990s.
Anthony Kozlowski 7 years ago
More brutal than honest. On par with the sensationalism of "Reefer Madness."
Pervious Desmadre over 7 years ago
This film should be used as an educational tool in every Middle school, a real eye opener!
Audrey Wilding over 7 years ago
"I have no legs"
Deming R Oakleaf over 7 years ago
Absolute torture to watch.
Kurt Travis over 7 years ago
chloe sevigney omg. this movie is a must
Matteo Satta 1 year ago
Daniel Duval 3 years ago
signe wright almost 4 years ago
Raffaela Px Scarano almost 4 years ago
David Mejía almost 5 years ago
Rory Banks 5 years ago
Jack Genius 5 years ago
Thin Mint over 5 years ago
Kids is a 1995 drama film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark. The film features Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Harold Hunter, and Rosario Dawson, all of them in their debut performances. The film is centered on a day in the life of a group of sexually active teenagers in New York City and their unrestrained behavior towards sex and substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs) during the era of HIV in the mid-1990s. Kids created considerable controversy upon its release in 1995, and caused much public debate over its artistic merit, even receiving an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. It was later released without a rating. 17-year-old Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) and an unnamed 12-year-old girl (Sarah Henderson) are kissing. Telly convinces the girl, who is a virgin, to have sex with him. Afterwards, he meets his friend, Casper (Justin Pierce). Telly tells Casper about his sexual experience in graphic terms. They go inside a local store, and Casper shoplifts a...
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