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Ashleigh Louise Klaassen over 2 years ago
I realised I had watched this before and I didn't remember. Says it all really ...
Guy Meltzer almost 4 years ago
one of the funniest movies ever made
Michael Cole almost 6 years ago
Still enjoyable to watch and ages much better than some of Mel Brooks's other films
Mikus Zeberiņš 6 years ago
What ever happened to good old parodies. They don't make them like this any more. 5/5
Devon Worrell over 6 years ago
Light fun even if overdone a bit
Taylor Reginald Wright over 6 years ago
Another great spoof by Mel Brooks. This time he takes aim (pun intended) at Robin Hood.
Amber H over 6 years ago
Such a good film. So funny. I saw this with my parents in the theater.
Kelly almost 7 years ago
How often can you laugh at dudes in tights without it being a hate crime? Go for it!
Lucas Silva-Myles over 7 years ago
Not as tidy as other Brook's films, but just as quotable. Nice dig at Prince of Thieves.
Rachel Kennelly over 7 years ago
Not necessarily the best film ever , but very funny and enjoyable
DesignPond over 7 years ago
Hilarious !
Rui Moura over 7 years ago
Muito divertido
Robyn Wilde 1 month ago
Don Lathrop 4 months ago
Rachel Marshall 7 months ago
Kevin Steegmans 11 months ago
g00p3k 11 months ago
Michelle Roussell over 1 year ago
Rayce Patterson over 1 year ago
Marily A Weddell over 1 year ago
Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a 1993 French-American adventure comedy film and a parody of the Robin Hood story. Produced and directed by Mel Brooks, the film stars Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, and Dave Chappelle in his film debut. The film includes frequent comedic references to previous Robin Hood films (most particularly Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, upon which the plot is loosely structured, Disney's Robin Hood, and The Adventures of Robin Hood), early-1990s pop culture, and real-life subjects. Robin Hood, or Robin of Loxley (Cary Elwes), is captured during the Crusades and is imprisoned at Khalil Prison in Jerusalem. With the help of fellow inmate Asneeze (Isaac Hayes), who is in for jaywalking, he escapes and frees the other inmates. Robin is asked by Asneeze to find his son, Ahchoo (Dave Chappelle, in his first major professional role). Upon returning to England, he finds Ahchoo and discovers that Prince John (Richard Lewis) has assumed control while King Richard is away fighting...
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