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Mikus Zeberiņš almost 5 years ago
Gavin Klein over 6 years ago
The last two rooms were entertaining but the whole film frustrated me a little
Kakra over 6 years ago
Room 3 & 4 were the best
Enmanuel Martínez Cornó over 6 years ago
Just perfect. The last room was amazing.
sarah 7 years ago
Such a good laugh(:
Thomas Menga 7 years ago
I only enjoyed Rodriguez and Tarantino's stories, but they're epic. Tim Roth is awesome !
Fernando Olivas over 7 years ago
Most of the stories are just bad. But as a whole is a watchable movie.
Michael Cole over 7 years ago
Out of the 4 stories, only 1 of them stands out, but it more than makes up for the other 3
Don Lathrop 10 months ago
Michelle Roussell almost 2 years ago
cyrax36 over 2 years ago
Josh Persky 4 years ago
Noah Rymer 4 years ago
Eugenio 4 years ago
Keith Haddock over 4 years ago
Chris Thomas over 4 years ago
Guy Meltzer over 4 years ago
Christian Gram over 4 years ago
Four Rooms is a 1995 Comedy film telling four stories set in a hotel in the US city of Los Angeles on New Year's Eve. Tim Roth stars as the principal character of the frame tale; he also takes part to a greater or lesser degree in the four stories. The movie was directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino with each of them directing one "room" of the film. The film opens with Sam (Lawrence), an elderly bellhop, instructing the newcomer Ted (Roth), about his job before retiring on New Year's Eve. Ted assists a number of unusual women in transporting their bags up to the honeymoon suite. He learns that they are a coven of witches, brewing a potion to reverse a spell placed on their goddess (De Cadenet) 40 years ago. In order to create the potion, each witch must place an ingredient into a large cauldron during a ritual. However, one of the witches (Skye) has failed to bring semen and is now charged by the other witches to obtain it. The witch...
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