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Fabio Vanegas 11 months ago
Good horror movie
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea 11 months ago
Fun horror movie
Eric Brainard over 1 year ago
A pretty cool update to the classic. The gory bits were fantastic.
Guy Meltzer almost 4 years ago
revival zombie movie
Anders Klingsheim over 5 years ago
Good, but not as good as the original form the 70s.
Chelsea Foreman over 6 years ago
Decent. Good zombie movie. Dull at points, edge of your seat and infuriating at moments.
Alexandre Brisson over 6 years ago
One, if not the, of my favorite zombie movies.
Kakra almost 7 years ago
10/10 Best zombie movie
Lenny Buttitta Jr. almost 7 years ago
Remakes rarely exceed the original, but this one does.
Daniel Jones almost 7 years ago
This film achieves greatness. A fun and entertaining remake just as good as the original.
Jan Wierzbowski almost 7 years ago
One of the few remakes I can tolerate.
Karen Bendulo Castillo 7 years ago
One of the best zombie movies I've ever seen. Great remake!
Elliot Slade 7 years ago
Give this one a chance
Benjamin Featherston 7 years ago
A perfectly fine monster flick, but completely unworthy of the name of the original.
Diana Chilton 7 years ago
This is how remakes should be made.
Matt Davis 7 years ago
Great remake!!
Oscar Tindale 7 years ago
The ultimate zombie movie
Mandy Allen 5 months ago
Hiram Soto 7 months ago
Dawn of the Dead is a 2004 horror film directed by Zack Snyder in his directorial debut. It is a remake of George A. Romero's 1978 film of the same name and stars Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, and Jake Weber. The film depict a handful of human survivors living in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin shopping mall surrounded by swarms of zombies. The film was produced by Strike Entertainment in association with New Amsterdam Entertainment, released by Universal Pictures and with cameos from original cast members Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger and Tom Savini. After finishing a long shift as a nurse, Ana (Sarah Polley), returns to her suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin neighborhood and to her husband, Luis (Louis Ferreira). Caught up in a scheduled date night, the two miss an emergency news bulletin on television. The next morning, Vivian (Hannah Lochner), a neighborhood child, enters their bedroom and kills Luis, who immediately reanimates as a zombie and attacks Ana. She flees in her car, but eventually crashes...
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