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J.H. Howes almost 6 years ago
This movie is weird, I liked it. I got invested in these characters for some reason...
Niklas Pivic over 6 years ago
A slight and trivial idea that fleets and quickly flutters away.
Tom o'brien over 5 years ago
gesine over 6 years ago
David Blair Santos over 6 years ago
Lou over 6 years ago
Gabija over 6 years ago
Vincent Roth almost 7 years ago
Felícia Silva almost 7 years ago
Michael Morris over 7 years ago
Aaron Bell over 7 years ago
Agneta Olofsson almost 8 years ago
Mike White 8 years ago
David Jovanovic over 8 years ago
Heaven is a 2002 Film directed by Tom Tykwer, starring Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi. Co-screenwriter Krzysztof Kieślowski intended for it to be the first part of a trilogy (the second being Hell and the third having been slated to be titled Purgatory), but died before he could complete the project. The dialogue is mixed between Italian and English. The film is set in Turin, Italy. It opens with a prologue sequence showing the young Italian Carabinieri clerk Filippo (Ribisi) learning to fly a helicopter using a flight simulator. When he accidentally crashes the virtual helicopter by ascending too dramatically, his instructor tells him that "In a real helicopter, you can't just keep going up and up," prompting Filippo to ask, "How high can you go?" The film then cuts to Phillipa (Blanchett), who is preparing to plant a bomb in the downtown office of a high-ranking businessman. Although everything goes according to her plan, the trash can in which she places the bomb is emptied by...
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